Police on the frontline of Queensland's family violence scourge are preparing to hit a grim milestone this financial year — 100,000 interactions with the community.


THANK YOU You have taken to the first step in helping to raise awareness, and some much needed funds.


The registration process is simple and easy. Read below to find out how you can register your business to become a HOST CHAMPION or SPONSOR .............. VARSITY AGAINST VIOLENCE 

Online Shopping


You can register business, group, or individual HERE online to host a ‘coffee conversation’ at your place of work (or location of choice).

You will be asked to purchase a ‘Coffee ConversationHOST PACK;

1. Individuals 'HOST PACK' for up to 2 people (Pack includes 4 disposable ‘branded’ coffee cups, 10 DL Flyers, 1 x A3 poster, branded wristband, hosting information, links to the ‘virtual event’ and more.) Pick up at the Varsity Lakes Community Bank (Bendigo Bank Varsity Lakes) 

2. Business / Organisation "HOST PACK' for up to 20 people (staff) (Pack includes disposable 30 ‘branded’ coffee cups, a coffee service apron,  2 x A3 posters, DL Flyers, 20 branded wrist bands, balloons, hosting information, links to the ‘virtual event’ and more.)

Packs will be personally delivered to you (where pactical). 

3. Business / Organisation "HOST PACK' for over 20 people (staff) (Pack includes disposable ‘branded’ coffee cups, coffee service aprons,  A3 posters, DL Flyers, branded wrist bands, balloons, hosting information, links to the ‘virtual event’ and more.

NOTE: Exact quantities will be determined by size of organisation specified). Packs will be personally delivered to you (where pactical). 


All 'HOST CHAMPIONS' will have their registration details (Company / Organisation / Name etc) along with a link weblink added to this website to recognise your generosity and involvement.

You also have the opportunity to DONATE extra $'s to the cause to help us raise funds for Domestic Violence Prevention. 

Image by Adnan Ahmed

PLAN your event

Once you have registered you will officially become known as a 'HOST CHAMPION' and it is time to start planning your event.

You will be contacted by us - THE ORGANISER - either by telephone or in person to discuss the event and your host pack. We will provide you further assistance to help with your hosting efforts.

We recommend - if it is not you - that you specifically nominate someone from your team, staff, office or group to be the organiser for your organisation. 

Host Your Event.jpg

RUN your event

We encourage all HOST CHAMPIONS to hold their event (Morning Tea) on Friday 20th November between 10am and 11am. This is to coincide with our special 'VIRTUAL EVENT' which will be held live online for you, your friends and colleagues to watch online.. 

* Don't forget to put out your GOLD COIN DONATION BOX so that people involved with or participating in your Coffee Morning event can donate to help you raise much needed extra funds.

We appreciate that not all businesses will be able to host on this date/time – BUT THAT'S FINE - as Host Champions can go ahead and hold their events (Coffee Morning) at any time prior to the LIVE EVENT.


You can take pictures, video and upload it all to the Varsity Against Violence FACEBOOK PAGE.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Hosts are encouraged to post images and video of their ‘coffee conversation’ on both their, and the Varsity Against Violence social media channels, using relevant hashtags events along with the event hashtags #varsityagainstviolence  &  #StandTogetherCoffeeTogether

SHARE your event & HELP raise awareness


Calculate Savings

There are numerous ways you can help raise funds:

1. REGISTER to participate - ‘Coffee ConversationHOST PACK is $100.

2. DONATE extra dollars - When you Register for the event you will also be asked if you wish to donate extra money. It is up to each individual to decide whether to donate more, but all donations are fully TAX DEDUCTABLE.


4. GOLD COIN DONATION BOX - Once your starter pack has arrived, it will contain a Gold Coin Donation Box. We encourage you to put this out immediately and encourage your team, staff, colleagues & clients to donate towards the cause - right up to and including the event. Once the event is over you simply count & bank the coins , then transfer the money into our Varsity Against Violence Bank account


Name: Varsity Connected 

BSB: 633 000

Number: 153 004 353

Alternatively, you can contact us, and we will come to your office personally (if you are on the Gold Coast) to collect it. 

Click here are the deserving Domestic Violence support Charities we are supporting with the money raised.

Helping to raise funds for Domestic Violence Prevention.