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Varsity Against Violence launches 'STAND TOGETHER - COFFEE TOGETHER' in 2020 - a participation event designed to raise public awareness, education, action and community connection for preventing Domestic Violence in Varsity Lakes and the greater Gold Coast area.

The event is organised by Varsity Lakes Community Limited - a not for profit organisation established in 2006 to assist with the promotion of social, business, economic, education, environmental and physical wellbeing programs and initiatives in the community.


STAND TOGETHER - COFFEE TOGETHER is a community wide social occasion on Friday the 20th November 2020 in each workplace, group location or residence, where participants can register and take part in hosting their own 'coffee conversation' event based around raising awareness and support of Domestic Violence prevention. Attendees are also invited to watch online and ask questions at the 'VIRTUAL' Q&A Domestic Violence Prevention Panel discussion hosted live from Sports House in Varsity Lakes.

For as little as $100 you can become a 'HOST CHAMPION' and help raise awarenes, educate others and create actions to help prevent Domestic Violence in Varsity Lakes and across the greater Gold Coast. 

You can also 'DONATE'(Fully Tax Deductable) to help us support our selected Charities. Most Domestic Violence help organisations and charities are not Government funded, and more often than not rely on donations and volunteers to survive.